Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What traffic sources do you accept?
We accept all traffic sources: SEO, PPC, social media traffic and traffic from forums. SMS and email-spam are acceptable only for the private landings, which we can make on partner’s request. Brand traffic is not acceptable. Partners’ referral links, driving in brand traffic, SMS and email-spam aimed at public landings can be banned without prior notice if there was no agreement with the Affiliate Manager.
How long are cookies stored for?
We store cookies for 90 days. The client has 90 days to place an order after they visited the landing page using the referral link. Once the client has paid an order, they are reserved for the partner permanently.
How often is stats refreshed in my personal account?
Stats on hits/uniques is refreshed in real time without any delays. Client’s orders are reflected 20 minutes after they were placed.
What are terms of payments
Payments are made in US dollars on any day of the week on partner’s request. We use the popular payment methods: WebMoney, Payoneer, Capitalist, PayPal. To receive a payment using other methods, please contact your Personal Manager.
Does the Affiliate Program cover clients’ refunds?
We vouch for the quality of services offered and cover all refund cases. However, in case of fraudulent activities on the partner’s side, the Affiliate Program serves the right to retain the payment of the commission rate on orders obtained in bad faith.
I haven’t found an answer to my question. Who can I ask?
You can ask your Personal Manager any question regarding the cooperation in the niche and Affiliate Program. Send your questions to our email: [email protected], skype -, telegram - @educashion_team or leave your question through the special form found on our website. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.
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